Smart accreditation

Register your event participants
in an easy and quick way.




Set up the event agenda day by day with all the activities.




Organize a vote to know your audience opinion.

Receive participants instant messages and questions.

Make a raffle with all your viewers.

Play games to entertain your audience.


Live transmission

Unlimited HD streaming

Plenary session

Breakout sessions

Security and privacy

Each participant will receive a unique access, private and secure.


What is VVE?

VVE is the evolution in event planning, adapted to the new normal.

VVE is a virtual event platform oriented to the audiovisual industry, to facilitate the event organization in simple steps, from a small event, to a big event with a plenary session and breakout rooms. You pay only for what you use and you will not have to pay expensive development costs.

Why VVE?

With VVE you will get access to a suite of very useful and powerful tools.

Accreditation services

Register in an easy and speedy way, all the participants to your event, either in an automatic way or after your approval.

Live broadcast

Broadcast your event live in HD quality to all your audience, either in the plenary session or simultaneously in the breakout rooms.

Instant messages

Your audience will be able to ask you questions so you can answer them live.

On demand video

Upload all the material for your audience so they can watch it as many times as they want.

Documents download

The audience will be able to download papers, manuals, or any another document you want to make available for them.

Interactive services

You can host poles, games or trivia, raffles (with only the ones online) to keep your audience entertained.

A strong infrastructure that will make your event a success!

Plans and services

Choose the best plan for your event

Virtual Venue*
  • Accreditation services
  • Agenda
  • Instant messages
  • Speakers bio
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Aditional services per Venue
  • On demand videos
  • Documents download
  • Online raffles
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Additional services per day
  • HD broadcast for the plenary session
  • HD broadcast for the breakout rooms
  • Voting
  • Personalized certificates and diplomas
  • Games and trivia
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All the plans include statistics and metrics free of charge.
*Up to 4 consecutive days of event

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